Eighteenth Annual
Texas Regional Ethics Bowl

Saturday, November 14, 2015

St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas

1st place: Oklahoma Christian University - Aguilas
2nd place: Texas Lutheran University
3rd place: Oklahoma City University
4th place: Cameron University

Cases for 2015:

The Texas Regional Ethics Bowl serves as a qualifying event for the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl (IEB, or, informally, the national ethics bowl), which will take place on February 21, 2016 in Washington DC. Both the national and regional ethics bowls are sponsored by the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE). For more information on the IEB and for names of other regional bowls, follow this link: National Ethics Bowl.

The consequences of placing high. The top five teams of the TREB received a trophy. Our arrangement with APPE works this way. Our regional event has a number of places determined by the total number of teams competing in regional bowls around the country. The top four schools from our event (not the top four teams) will receive an invitation to send one team each to the national event. Schools who have two or more winning teams only receive a single invitation. If a school with a winning team declines to accept the invitation, it passes down the list.

Cases. I selected our cases from a pool of fifteen, written by a committee for use by all regional events.

*** New restriction: Since this event is sponsored by APPE, they have placed a new requirement that each team have one individual or one institutional member of APPE. In most cases, this should not cause a problem, since someone at your school will probably be a member of APPE anyway. But it may be a hardship.

Fees. The fee this year is $150 dollars per team. Explanation: APPE collects $100 per team to help defray the cost of the national event, and I collect $50 to defray the cost of the regional event. The $50 that I charge defrays the cost of six t-shirts, six catered breakfasts, six all-you-can-eat lunches, and the supplies. No more than two teams from a school may enter. You do not need to make out a separate check to APPE. Make all checks payable to St. Mary's University, and send them to:

Robert Boyd Skipper, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy
St. Mary's University
One Camino Santa Maria
San Antonio, TX 78228

In case the check gets misplaced, please put "Ethics Bowl registration" or some such comment in the memo space.


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Tenth Annual EB, 2007

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